The Celine Blazer Style Guide

Still keeping the blazers in your wardrobe for formal events? If you’re staying away from your blazers in your everyday outfit choices, consider investing in a blazer that is softer in fabric and in its cut (especially in the shoulders!). Having a classic black blazer as an everyday wardrobe staple unlocks so much more fashion possibilities!  
Check out how these fashionistas are wearing the classic black blazer for everyday-outfit-inspirations. 
Blazer x Dress 
The perfect harmony of masculinity and femininity on the modern woman. Fashion-forward celebrities are pairing blazers with their dresses to get the best of both worlds! 
To maximise the look, choose a dress that gives the outfit a burst of colour and the more frills, folds and design the better! Don’t worry about overdressing as wearing a classic blazer over the dress tames the look to give the outfit the perfect balance. 
Cinched Blazer, Tucked-In Blazer 
As much as oversize will remain one of our favourite looks, a cinched-in waist accentuates the feminine silhouette and brings a touch of elegance - think Christian Dior 1951 “The New Look”. MsHem’s Celine Blazer is a lightweight blazer that falls softly from the shoulders, ideal for pairing with a statement belt for the cinched in look. 
Another 2019 trend that we are obsessed with is the tucked-in blazer look! We love this look as it cleverly combines our workwear and our casual wear. Tuck your blazer into a skirt or even wide-legged palazzo pants (Check out our Laura Palazzo Pants - and voila! 
Don’t forget to accessorise - MsHem recommends the ‘Back to the 90s' rectangular sunnies that took eyewear fashion by storm this year. 
One Tone Blazer Suit x Accessory Colour Pop 
When investing in a classic blazer, it is always a good idea to purchase its matching piece in a set as both pieces are versatile and goes well with other items in your wardrobe. Besides, that also means that you’ll always have a go-to classic blazer set at any day any time. 
Myth: One-tone Blazer Suits are boring! 
Reality: Not true if you know how to jazz it up with accessories! 
We all have our collection of it bags, pairing it with your one-tone blazer set will not only lift the look but you will get to show off your it bag! Here are a few tips when choosing the bag to go with your blazer set. 
  1. Choose a bag that can double up in function such as super trendy belt bags:
    Wear it as a belt to cinch in the waist, it gives it more form and helps to direct the attention to the waist.

  2. Choose a bag with chain straps or metallic hardware. Especially when opting for a one tone suit in classic hues such as monochrome or beige, metallic hardware on your accessories will easily glam up the look. After all, monochrome + chain on bags is a classic Chanel formula.