Tips to Perfect your NYE wardrobe

We're only moments away from 2020 and what a better way to enter 2020 then to look your absolute best. Here are a few tip if you're last minute outfit planning!
  1. Get away with Glitz in your Glamour
    It’s one of the few occasions in the year that you can go all out on - so don’t shy away from choosing an outfit that stands out!

    Tips: Keep the most dramatic part of your outfit, be it glitter, sequins or a pop of bright colour to the part of your body you want to draw attention to.


  2. Not too Long, Not too Short!
    Whether you are partying in summer or winter, choose a dress length that is most comfortable for you to move around in! NYE = Crowds! So make sure you’re in attire that allows you to move in and/or dance in comfortably!

    Tips: If opting for a simpler outfit style, be adventurous in picking a standout piece of accessory! This could be a dramatic piece, be it a dramatic pair of earrings or a statement handbag. 

  3. Don’t ring in the New Year with Painful Feet!
    You want it to be an unforgettable night when ringing in the New Year! Don’t ruin it by developing high heel hangovers! Choose comfortable footwear to party in, of course make sure that it matches your outfit!

    Tips: Choose Platform or Block Heels to lessen the pressure on your feet as you dance the night away. Kitten heels are also a great option and it is almost a no-fail option to go with almost any outfit!

  4. Recommended Fabrics for Summer
    The best materials to wear in summer are cotton, rayon and linen. These materials are breathable and keeps you cool and dry.

    Tips: If opting for cotton, choose outfits that are more tight fitted as cotton can help to highlight the silhouette. If opting for rayon and linen, feel free to go for a looser fit to allow for the easy drapes to do its magic.

  5. Unpredictable Winds
    Always bring along a “just-incase” scarf or cardigan just incase the weather changes unpredictably! We say this at the risk of sounding like your mother but we say it out of love...and fashion.

Tips: Use silk print scarves as your handbag accessory, fancy wrist accessory or a replacement bag strap so it works as a part of your outfit.

  1. Time to Flash that Statement Bag
    What’s a better time than NYE to flash that shiny statement handbag?

    Tips: Choose a handbag that has detachable straps so they can act as a clutch in the earlier part of the evening and you won’t lose it if you’d like to get on the dancefloor!